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Shadow Work

Powerful tools for inner transformation

Length: 1-5 days

Description: In-depth Self-exploration.

In the physical world, there can be no light without shadow. The outer world reflects the inner world. In this workshop, you will learn skills to call your Psyche back into wholeness.

“Unless we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our life and we will call it fate” C.G. Jung 

As we grow we acquire various skills in order to survive, to succeed professionally, to adapt to our society, etc. In our education and learning, we often lack the knowledge to deal with our own self, our feelings and the difficulties that life offers us in order to evolve and grow.

Self-love has been around as an important concept for quite a while in psychotherapy, spirituality and other healing modalities.

– How do we then become intimately connected with what lives inside of us, track our shadows and perhaps transmute our ‘demons’ into our ‘allies’?

– What skills can practice so we get to know ourselves in such a depth that we can see and truly love the totality of who we are (or if you prefer the beauty of our Soul and Spirit)?

– How can we actively engage with the process of our growth, which in no way can be forced but most certainly can be facilitated with the right tools?

Shadow work is instrumental in the healing of one’s body-mind-heart connection, for avoiding your shadow only makes the inner split stronger. Learn how to track your shadow and navigate through it in order to make the unconscious, conscious and live from a more authentic and loving place. This process will help you transform the inner obstacles, promote Self-integration, facilitate the Self-individuation process, expand your awareness, and cultivate Self-love and intuition.

This workshop is designed to give you practical and powerful tools to facilitate your inner work. You will learn in-depth techniques and how to apply these techniques in practical ways for your transformation and facilitate the integration of all aspects of Self. The maps and skills offered are a great resource for those interested in personal development and also for therapists and healers ready to expand their skill level.

This is an experiential workshop. The techniques used have been integrated in Jungian and Transpersonal Psychotherapy but can be sourced back to ancient traditions. In other words are tested throughout many years and have survived because they work. The mechanics of these practices will be broken down and explained so you can replicate them at your own time and space.

You will be trained to actively use your imagination, creative expression, mindfulness and your body to navigate and transform difficult inner ‘territories’. Learn how to access the realms of your unconscious in order to cultivate Self- integration, intuition and inner guidance.

4 main focus points:

– Active imagination: Refers to actively using your imagination (the imaginal realm) as a means to process difficult emotions, connect and source information from your unconscious mind, connect with inner power, inner guidance/higher Self and more.)

– Basic psychodynamics: Who is your puppeteer? Learn how to identify and step out of dysfunctional roles. Move from re-action to action and reclaim your authenticity and power in interpersonal relationships.

– Creative expression: Express and Process feelings creatively, draw wisdom from places of stagnation and navigate creative blocks.

Somatic Work: Use the physical body, breath and mindfulness to process and transform difficult feelings.

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