In Depth Inner Work

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~ Carl Jung

What we do in each session is driven by your needs. Because of this, each session is completely individualized. We start from wherever is most beneficial for you in the present moment, with whatever tools most resonate with you, and move forward from there.

A very important aspect of in depth inner work is “tracking” our own Shadows. One of the basic tenants of Shadow work is that everything brings a gift, and every gift needs to be known. Because of this, experiences and situations may present themselves to us over and over again until we recognize the gift hidden deep inside. Every challenge is an opportunity to connect with our own inner wisdom. If engaged skillfully life challenges cultivate self-development, and self-awakening. This process can also be described as lifting the veils of our awareness to reveal the True Self.

Imagine someone (or life) shoots an arrow at you, and that arrow hits a target inside of you and causes fear, pain, anger and/or distress. Our tendency is to either shield ourselves from the pain by hardening around the target, or to constantly duck and move around in order to avoid more arrows coming our way. When we do either of these, we find ourselves closing down more and more in life, losing our joy, freedom and our feeling of safety.

Shadow work invites a different approach. Instead of focusing all our energy on avoiding the arrows we likely have little or no control over, we instead focus our energy on bringing to light the target within us that reacts in pain, fear etc. when it is hit. We work with the target itself until it grows so light and so transparent that, when an arrow comes shooting by, there is no target and no impact. The arrow flies right through, leaving no trace.

Such is the intention when we engage with our Shadow, that vulnerable target within us: to reclaim our power from external or internal ‘forces’, that we perceive as having control over us and our emotions. When we achieve this, we live from a place of love, free and authentic to our true nature, connected with Self and others. A shift toward awareness is a shift toward freedom and love in every way.

I offer a wide range of flexible tools that will help increase your Self awareness. As we work together, you will be given detail explanation of the tools we use so that you can understand the techniques and thus be able to use them by yourself when necessary, in your life’s journey, allowing you to move toward your own independence.

The tools I offer are grounded in integrative transpersonal counseling and psychotherapy methods, creative expression (through writing, art, etc.), somatic work (body awareness and breath-work),  meditation, mindfulness, active imagination and visualization techniques.

I will work with you to create a personalized therapeutic experience. For example, we may work with the power of projection and use it to track your shadow; or with basic psychodynamics so you can identify and step out of dysfunctional patterns and into your own power. Additionally, we may identify and change the inner voices that control you as well as work on managing and transforming difficult emotions. We will explore the places you feel stuck in your life and reach beneath the stagnation and inner blocks to draw inspiration and creatively express whatever is waiting to come to life. Alternatively, we can dive deep into the dream world to decipher symbols and connect with inner guidance. With these tools and others, the challenges of your life can be experienced as a gift of awakening.

The depth of your exploration depends on the level of your inquiry.

There are endless benefits or as I like to call them “side effects” to the awakening of awareness. You may find yourself more energetic, more joyful, more loving. You may shed unwanted habits, patterns, or addictions. You might just find yourself living and feeling more alive than ever before. But most of all, awareness cultivates authenticity and Self love, connects you with your power and brings with it a genuine, healing freedom. The best way to understand this work, is to experience it.

Each session will be tailored in order to best serve your needs.

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