Types of Sessions Offered

All sessions are tailored to your needs. Use your free 20 minutes initial consultation session to discover what will best serve your needs.

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1. One to one in depth inner work

These sessions will help you gain greater insight into the issues you are facing as well as foster new skills that facilitate self-transformation. These skills are an invaluable tool that you can use for the rest of your life. When entering a new territory inside yourself, having a map can prove to be very useful so that you don’t get lost.

For example, understanding dysfunctional roles we play in a given situation can help us change behavior and improve our interactions. Understanding patterns we step into in everyday life can help us step out of a reactive place to more empowered action.

The map is not the territory but it certainly can make navigation much easier.

2. Supervision/Mentoring for practitioners.
These sessions are intended for professional or trainee psychotherapists or anyone that works with individuals and groups (managers etc). Supervision will help you expand your understanding of interpersonal dynamics and systems that interact and affect each other, often in a converted manner. These dynamics if left unchecked will interfere with your client/group work and at best will slow down the process of transformation. Through these sessions you will enrich your practice with multitude of creative techniques and bring your professional work to a new level.
3. Personal and Professional Coaching

The coaching sessions focus mainly on developing strategies and skills for problem solving and taking action in a variety of personal or professional challenging situations.

Learn how to improve your communication and conflict resolution skills, create mindmaps that can easily be translated to business plans afterwards, and much more.

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